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Workshop and Presentations


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Daniel is prepared to present a number of lectures or workshops as listed below. He is also open to developing new workshops to meet special educational and professional-training needs. As appropriate, the length of workshops can be tailored to meet time constraints.

What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality (Workshop 1)

Sexuality and Spirituality: Friends, Not Foes (Workshop 2)

Spiritual Issues in Health Care (Workshop 3)

Spirituality for a Secular Society (Workshop 4)

The Right and Wrong of Sex—Queer and Otherwise
(Workshop 5)

The Ethics of Treating Spiritual Issues in Secular Psychotherapy (Workshop 6)

   Can People Change from Gay to Straight? 
   (Workshop 7)

   Gay Identity and Spiritual Growth
   (Workshop 8)

   Meditation without Myth (Workshop 9)