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Workshop on Sexual Ethics

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The Right and Wrong of Sex—Queer and Otherwise

For reasons of self-protection, the gay community has been slow to discuss sexual ethics. Religion tends to associate ethics with God and then defines good living in terms of its own theology. Ethics is then taken to mean fidelity to religion, and sexuality is a usual casualty. Based on the facilitator’s book, Sex and the Sacred, this workshop will approach sexual ethics with a focus on human wholeness and, presuming that gay sex may be as ethical as any other, will explore the implications of doing one’s personal best to foster growth and avoid harm. Participants will be invited to share opinions and concerns.


Daniel has presented these ideas on the following occasions: Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning, Chicago, IL, January 24, 2004. Dignity/Denver, May 3, 2003. Outwords Book Store, Milwaukee, WI, July 10, 2001. Dignity/San Francisco, May 6, 2001. University of West Georgia, February 25, 2000. Metropolitan Community Church, Gulf Lower Atlantic District Spring Conference, Birmingham, AL, May 22, 1999. Broadway United Methodist Church, Chicago, IL, August 18, 1997. Dignity/USA Biannual Convention, Boston, MA, July 12, 1997. The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, 39th annual convention, Houston, TX, November 16, 1996. Calvary Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PA, September 11, 1996.