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Workshop on Gay Spirituality


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Gay Identity and Spiritual Growth

Many men and women come out as gay and lesbian but, because much religion continues to condemn homosexuality, they secretly live with “the guilties.” They are guilty over disappointing people, guilty over having sex, guilty over being in a relationship, guilty over the meaning of their lives, guilty over questions about the afterlife. Based on the Daniel’s book, Sex and the Sacred, this workshop will allow people to explore their coming out as a spiritual journey and to take a next step forward. In addition to the emotions that are so central to spirituality, other matters of spiritual integration such as the following will be on the table: the role of religious affiliation, finding useful spiritual practices, the meaning of right and wrong, the difference between real guilt and neurotic guilt, and different ways of being lesbian or gay.

Daniel presented this workshop on the following occasions: Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning, Chicago, IL, January 21-22, 2005. Youth and Family Outreach, Atlanta Pride, June 27, 1999. The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Atlanta, GA, February 28, 1999, November 8, 1998, March 2, 1997. Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Center, January 13, 1999. Eleventh Annual Creating Change Conference, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Pittsburgh, PA, November 13, 1998. Church of St. Joan of Arc, Minneapolis, MN, March 14, 1998. The University of Texas at Austin, March 29, 1988