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Workshop on Spirituality

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Spirituality for a Secular Society

This workshop is an introduction to Daniel’s understanding of spirituality as a dimension of our humanity and, not in the first place as something divine, other-worldly, or metaphysical. By applying the thought of the late Canadian philosopher-theologian Bernard Lonergan and Daniel’s own writings about non-religious and non-theist spirituality, Daniel describes the human spirit, says what spiritual means, suggests what spirituality is, and shows how spirituality and religion relate. Another important part of the workshop is the discussion of how emotional and psychological issues affect the unfolding of the human spirit. One goal of the workshop is to create a safe space for soulful reflection and spiritual sharing with others.

Daniel has shared these ideas on the following occasions: Mid-Winter Conference on Spirituality, Loyola College in Maryland and Division 36 (Psychology of Religion) of APA, Columbia, MD, March 19, 2004. Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning, Chicago, IL, January 23, 2004. American Psychological Association, 110 th annual convention, Chicago, IL, August 23, 2002. International Network for Personal Meaning, annual convention, Vancouver, BC, July 21, 2002. Counseling and Spirituality Conference, Gannon University, Erie, PA, September 25, 1998. American Association of Pastoral Counselors 35 th Annual Convention, Miami, FL, April 24, 1998. The Cleric, Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA, October 13, 1997. Marist School (faculty & staff), Atlanta, GA, February 17, 1997. The American Psychological Association, 104 th annual convention, Toronto, Ontario, August 9, 1996. The American Psychological Association, 103 rd annual convention, New York, NY, Aug. 11, 1995. World Health Organization, First International Congress on Prevention, Charleston, WV, October 28, 1994. The American Psychological Association, 102 nd annual convention, Los Angeles, CA, August 13, 1994. Tenth Annual Cape Cod Summer Symposia, New England Educational Institute, August 16-20, 1993. National convention, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Pittsburgh, PA, November 8, 1991.