Visions of Daniel

The Same Jesus
A Contemporary Christology


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The Same Jesus: A Contemporary Christology. Loyola University Press, 1986.

This book is out of print but is available through used book stores or in libraries.


Whereas most Christology books today limit their treatment to biblical scholarship or else are personal theologies, Daniel Helminiak presents a complete review of christological issues: methodology, biblical scholarship, conciliar teaching, and speculative development. The goal of his book is to reconcile all of these and so present a complete systematic Christology.

Introduction: About this Book

Chapter 1: A New Way of Reading the New Testament

Chapter 8: A Contemporary Picture of Jesus

This is the first text to consistently apply the methodand Christology of Bernard J. F. Lonergan, S.J. The integrating principle of the book is an epistemological position that allows for historical development while avoiding static dogmatism, outright relativism, and soft inspirationalism. As a result, the book, though solidly traditional, challenges current opinion on many fronts.

The Same Jesus: A Contemporary Christology is written on two levels: it addresses the ordinary reader in the text and the scholarly community in the endnotes. For non-professionals, the book provides periodic summaries and personal stories and is easy to read. For professional critics, the epistemological base is its strongest and most valuable contribution.